Leeds United and Derby have a newly-formed grudge after the Spygate scandal engulfed the two clubs last season.

Derby went to town on the scandal and Leeds officially hit back when Andrea Radrizzani called for sanctions against Derby after they sold their stadium to a sister club to avoid profit & sustainability issues.

Radrizzani said that was “greater cheating” than what Leeds had done when they sent an intern to watch Derby train ahead of their Championship fixture at Pride Park last season.

However, Derby owner Mel Morris has come out with a statement that Leeds fans will love.

He wants to end the Championship season early but would also vote to hand promotion to Leeds and West Brom.

Talking in the Mirror, Morris said, “If you stop the season now you will be hard-pressed to say that the top two probably shouldn’t just be promoted automatically.

“If I was asked to vote for that, I would.”

And Morris will get that chance after an EFL statement that was released today, with 13 clubs needed for the season to ended.

Morris also said that any potential legal action over promotion and relegation should be avoided.

“The thoughts of there being legal battles around what might happen with that, we have to make sure that can’t happen.

“We have got to decide one way or another, there are going to be some winners and some losers.”

leeds united

Good on Morris.

Leeds want to finish the season on the pitch, while Morris feels that running games without fans is pointless.

However, he’s not calling for the season to be rendered null and void but to be ended with Leeds getting promoted.

His words look even nobler when you look at the Championship table and see that Derby still have an outside chance of making the play-offs.

However, the issue of the stadium sale is still dogging the club.

The Athletic reported that some Championship clubs, including Barnsley, will sue the EFL if they’re relegated while clubs like Derby are allowed to start the next season on minus points.

There’s been no official word about a points deduction for Derby but it’s possible if the EFL believes that they were in breach of FFP protocols over the stadium sale.

That’s extremely unlikely to happen before the end of this season, especially as Derby would be almost guaranteed to appeal any decision that went against them.

It would be guaranteed not to happen this season if the Championship was ended now.

However, on balance, Derby have more to gain by the Championship restarting than they do if it’s ended early.

And, for this (and only this!), we applaud Morris.

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