Jamie Carragher took a big swipe at Premier League plotters including Norwich and Brighton after they hinted at blocking promotion for Leeds United. 

Norwich sporting director Stuart Webber and Brighton striker Glenn Murray both made it clear that they would want to block promotion if the Premier League played out its fixtures and the Championship didn’t.

They argued that it wouldn’t be fair to relegate on a full season and promote teams who hadn’t mathematically secured promotion – like Leeds and West Brom.

Leeds United

However, talking on The Football Show (Sky Sports, Tuesday, 9am), Carragher had very short shrift for both of them.

“The thing I have a problem with, something that Glenn Murray said last week, that I don’t agree with at all,” Carragher said.

“If the Premier League is played out, the bottom three go down. What happens in the Championship has got nothing to do with the Premier League.

“If the Premier League completes its fixtures and the Championship doesn’t… whether the EFL puts teams up to the Premier League – Leeds and West Brom and maybe another team if they do play-offs – that’s got nothing to do with the Premier League.

“Stuart Webber from Norwich said the same thing, that’s out of the question for me. They go down if they’re in the bottom three. If the Premier League clubs don’t fulfil fixtures then that’s where it could get messy.”

leeds united

We said exactly the same thing when this second plot first emerged.

The EFL and Premier League are two separate entities. What happens in the EFL is nothing to do with Norwich or Brighton, or anyone else near the bottom of the Premier League.

Thankfully, both the Premier League and the Championship are moving towards a mid-June return now. Something that will shut the Premier League stragglers up.

The Premier League has opened the doors for training to resume today. The Championship can follow from Monday.

The Championship is looking at a June 20 restart with all the remaining fixtures to be done within five weeks.

That’s tight but Leeds might not need all five weeks to secure promotion and null and void this argument from Murray and Webber.

A fast start from Leeds is essential as no one knows what will happen during the period when the remaining 108 Championship games will be played.

In other Leeds United news, Leeds set for six-figure bill from EFL ahead of Championship re-start – report 


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