By David Woods

17th Dec, 2020 | 10:47am

'Next level', 'Dreaded' – What many Newcastle fans made of Leeds after 5-2 loss

When Leeds United hit the right notes in attack they’re unstoppable and Newcastle were the latest victims on Wednesday night. 

Five goals from an xG of 2.95 might have flattered Leeds slightly but they fully deserved the victory against a brittle Newcastle side. [Understat]

And that’s not just our view – we get it, we’re biased – but the views of a lot of Newcastle fans too.

Leeds’ soft belly from set-pieces briefly threatened the party but in the end we ran rampant in the last 15 minutes and took Newcastle apart.

One Newcastle fan said, “Leeds 4th goal sums up this #NUFC side under Bruce. Leeds break and their players are sprinting forward, Newcastle players are at best running at 65%. Would Rafa have allowed that? I don’t think so.”

Another said Leeds were “next level in attacking football” while another said that he had “dreaded” playing Leeds all season and “knew they’d peel us apart”.

Praise from the opposition fans is always worth double that from your own and it warms the cockles to see Leeds being talked about like this.

Newcastle got a paddling and it was no more than Leeds deserved.

Next up? Man United at Old Trafford. What we wouldn’t give to hear the United fans talk about us like this next Sunday.

In the meantime, here’s the effusive praise from honest Newcastle fans…

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