The Premier League is set for a meeting on Monday in what’s widely expected to be the most critical since the Coronavirus outbreak began, and the good news for Leeds United is that taking relegation off the table is not on the agenda.

The UK government is widely expected to relax the lockdown rules, albeit only marginally, on Sunday but that should be enough for top-flight football to plan its return.

Not everyone is on the same page. Project Restart hinges on clubs agreeing to play at neutral venues, with clubs at the bottom objecting.

It had been reported that they were looking for relegation to be taken off the table in return for agreeing to the Premier League’s plan.

That could have had a disastrous knock-on effect for Leeds.

However, the Mail’s chief sports reporter Matt Hughes has seen the proposal that’s gone out to all 20 clubs ahead of the meeting and there’s one critical detail that’s great news for Leeds United.

Hughes wrote: “Suspending relegation is not on the agenda, which provides a strong indication of the Premier League’s stance, but it could still be raised by any of the clubs.”

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This shows that the Premier League has no intention of giving in to the threats posed by the bottom clubs.

They’re backed up by the FA as the Times have reported that they have the power to veto any attempt to remove relegation even if the season is declared null and void.

It feels odd to have the weight of the governing bodies behind us as Leeds fans but we’ll definitely take it.

The Mail has claimed that the key vote for Project Restart is unlikely to take place on Monday but it should happen next week, with the EFL set to meet on Thursday.

At that meeting, Leagues One and Two will probably be abandoned and the EFL will decide how relegation and promotion will be decided.

That will take that unknown off the table for Leeds and it’s not easy to find a scenario based around the EFL’s preference for sporting merit that doesn’t see Leeds guaranteed promotion if the season doesn’t finish.

Then it’s all eyes on the Premier League and the three teams that will make way for Leeds, West Brom and one other side.

Because it seems the Premier League has no intention of shutting the trapdoor.

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