'Quite a high risk' – Phil Hay claims Leeds should be braced for crunch email from EFL

Athletic journalist Phil Hay has said he believes there’s a big chance that Leeds United will find out they’ve been promoted through an email from the EFL.

While that would ultimately be good news for the club, Hay doesn’t believe it’s a fitting end to a season where Leeds have left it all on the pitch.

Talking on the latest episode of his podcast on the Athletic, Hay said, “It just feels unfortunate to me that as it stands there’s quite a high risk that promotion is going to be confirmed via an email from EFL Towers, which isn’t befitting at all of the effort Bielsa has put in, it’s not befitting of the effort the players have put in, and also the way they’ve kept it on track despite everything that happened at the end of last season and kept it on track despite the fact that being outstanding under for Bielsa for two seasons is seriously, seriously demanding. He keeps them on the edge. He’s taken himself to the edge as well. I feel sorry for them.”

Hay went on to say, “I just wonder if when we look back in ten years’ time how much we’ll all regret the story didn’t get the end we should have had. And that fans won’t get the moments they should have had. I’m just sorry for people and regret that even if it’s behind closed doors it won’t be the same as if Elland Road was packed.”

We’re conflicted about this and we’re sure that all Leeds fans will be too.

We’ve consistently said that promotion is the key this season – there’s far too much riding on it for Leeds for anything else to happen.

Some fans have said they’d rather have another season in the Championship than witness Leeds getting promoted without seeing it happen in person.

But that’s not really what’s at stake. If Leeds don’t go up then they could be facing years in the wilderness, without Bielsa, without Kalvin Philips, Ben White and Jack Harrison.

But we completely agree that it would be a tragic end to a thrilling season.

However, Leeds have deserved promotion. You can apply any metric to the Championship table and it ends with Leeds and West Brom in the top two.

Let’s let other fans ask the questions – the facts are the facts.

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