There’s a split emerging in the Championship with a splinter group of clubs engaged in talks over introducing a salary cap to the Championship. 

According to the Sun, Leeds are one of the clubs who have been excluded from the talks, the first of which were held last Friday.

The report claims the proposed salary cap is £20m, a sum that is way below the current wages levels at Elland Road of around £50m.

EFL chairman Rick Parry talked of a £200m black hole in the lower leagues and called for parachute payments to be abolished.

The clubs aiming to introduce the cap are said to be ones who aren’t realistically pushing for the Premier League.

The Sun quoted a source as saying Leeds “wouldn’t want to sign up to a salary cap because they want to invest in trying to reach the top division.

“As a result they were not included in the talks last Friday and won’t be either going forwards.”

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Leeds are definitely set-up to win promotion to the Premier League.

Owner Andra Radrizzani has pushed things as far as he can under current profit & sustainability levels and has said himself the current wage bill is unsustainable in the Championship.

Radrizzani has also criticised parachute payments that leave the Championship horrible unbalanced.

Whether that view will change when Leeds United go up is another story.

The problem with talking about a wage cap in the Championship is that it doesn’t address the chasm between the Premier League and the second tier.

It’s completely unrealistic to have a £20m wage cap in the Championship unless changes are made in the Premier League – it would be next to impossible for any promoted clubs to survive, and any relegated teams would be decimated.

leeds united

Gary Neville put it best on Sky Sports recently.

“We have the most amazing Premier League, but if you’ve got the bottom club in the Premier League gaining £100 million of broadcast money and the top club in the EFL, Leeds United… Norwich get £100m, the top club in the EFL get £3 million, you must see the disconnect and the disproportionate financial reward that is basically put through football.

“It needs resetting. It’s needed resetting for maybe 10 or 15 years.”

We completely agree that things have to change but it’s essential that any ‘reset’ is done across the whole of the four leagues.

The Premier League has to change the most and we think it will have to after the Coronavirus outbreak exacts its toll on football.

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