Jamie Carragher has said he doesn’t think it’s possible to stop promotion from the Championship, while Leagues One and Two are pushing ahead with promotion and relegation. 

Two teams from the Premier League have now broken cover and admitted – through sporting director Stuart Webber (Norwich) and striker Glenn Murray (Brighton) – they would try to block Leeds United and West Brom being handed promotion if the Championship is abandoned.

Talking on The Football Show (Sky Sports, Thursday, 9.30am), Carragher reacted to the interview Murray gave earlier in the show.

Leeds United

“What Glenn Murray said, about no one coming up from the Championship if that’s curtailed… the problem is in Leagues One and Two, it looks like those leagues will stop, but there is talk about being promotion in those leagues on points-per game.

“If there’s promotion in those leagues and none from the Championship, that means the Championship would have 27 teams next season, the league might also be shorter time-wise if it doesn’t start until September.

“So you’re looking at 52 league games, and the league could be shorter.

“If Leagues One and Two promote and relegate, you have to do the same in the Championship. If they’re doing that in the other EFL leagues then I don’t know how you stop at the Championship.

“And how would it fit into a smaller timeframe next season? I just don’t think that’s possible.”

leeds united

Carragher makes a very good point.

But, this could possibly spill the other way too, with self-interest from the Premier League threatening promotion and relegation right down the football pyramid.

Sun journalist Alan Nixon claimed earlier this week that unless the Premier League details exactly how they plan to relegate three teams, the EFL is effectively paralysed.

And what if the bottom clubs in the EFL start campaigning for relegation to get taken off the table too?

However, we can’t see any way the Championship would grow to a 27-league team for next season, meaning each club would have to play 52 games.

It seems that the more progress is made, the more obstacles appear at the moment, but all of these objections are currently coming from a small group of self-interested Premier League clubs.

This should be dealt with by the Premier League as soon as possible – they need to make a definitive statement as soon as possible.

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