Millwall have come up with a novel plan to help get the Championship – and the Leeds United bid for promotion – restarted and it’s got the seal of approval from talkSPORT broadcaster Jim White. 

With the first swathe of Coronavirus testing set to be conducted for Championship players today, Millwall sent a letter to all clubs calling for them to agree to promoted teams footing the entire bill for the league.

According to the Daily Mail that could cost £1.4m for each of the three promoted sides, against a potential windfall of £170m for getting in the Premier League.

Talking on the White & Sawyer Show (talkSPORT, Wednesday 12.30pm), Jim White hailed the move.

“I like Millwall’s approach. Millwall have written to their fellow clubs in the Championship and said promoted clubs should foot the bill for the entire testing for the league.

“Good for Millwall. Surely that has to be what it’s about? Millwall’s initiative is a good one.”

Guest Clinton Morrison agreed and said, “Credit to Millwall and Jim makes a great point, everyone has to stick together.”

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We agree with Jim White. Testing starts today in the Championship and it’s said that it could cost individual clubs up to £200,000 between now and the end of the season.

The Championship can’t resume and finish without rigorous testing and Leeds have a huge incentive to finish the remaining 108 games.

Other clubs don’t have as much to play for and some clubs, like Hull and Middlesbrough, would be in danger of relegation if the season does play out.

Hull are currently the only side calling for the season to be called off and while they cited player safety, chairman Ehab Allam also talked of £1.2m in costs for the club to play games behind closed doors.

It seems to us that if the EFL aren’t going to pick up the bill for testing (and we believe that is the fairest outcome) that it’s only fair that promoted clubs pay the money.

Clubs that have nothing to play for will take a financial hit and while waiving the testing bill would help smooth a return to play, it doesn’t seem fair that mid-table and relegation-threatened clubs should have to pay for the privilege.

Former Leeds manager Garry Monk has said that Championship managers want to complete the season and we think Leeds should now come out and officially sanction the Millwall proposal.

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