The FA doesn’t have specific powers of veto in the EFL like it does in the Premier League but it still has to sign off on any rule changes. 

And it could still have a big impact on the Championship and Leeds United’s bid for promotion.

There was no definitive news from the EFL meeting on Wednesday after clubs had voted 20-4 in favour of no relegation from League 2.

That looks more likely to be ratified, though, after the Athletic claimed that the FA is “not likely to insist” on relegation in the fourth tier of English football.

The Athletic report claims that sources from the FA have said that chairman Greg Clarke was specifically talking about using its powers to mandate promotion and relegation with regard to the Premier League and the Championship.

And, while it claims that while the EFL would prefer consistency across all three leagues, it is finding it hard to come up with a rule that works across the football pyramid.

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The good news for Leeds is that the FA does have special powers in the Premier League.

These include the power to veto any changes regarding promotion and relegation, and the number of teams in the Premier League.

They’ve made their position clear here and any change to three up and three down would have to be contested in the courts as it stands.

However, the FA has already set a precedent for no regulation and promotion in the non league and if no relegation from League Two is ratified for League Two and possibly League One, it would give strength to Premier League clubs who have already confirmed they will look to block promotion for Leeds United.

After the EFL vote it looks likely that League Two will go that way, with space for one club to come up already in place after Bury were removed from the league.

The Championship and the Premier League look to be on course for a restart which would nullify any argument about Leeds getting promoted.

The Premier League passed its first hurdle earlier this week with just six positive tests. The first results from the Championship are set to be announced today and that will be a huge step towards a restart if results are similar.

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