By David Woods

10th May, 2021 | 7:37am

George Caulkin details what Bielsa was shouting at Leeds players in win v Spurs

In the absence of Phil Hay, The Athletic sent Newcastle fan George Caulkin to cover the Leeds United win against Tottenham – and he left suitably impressed.

In a brilliant and breathless write-up, Caulkin poured praise on Leeds and Bielsa.

He said, “Leeds United have two front feet. They do not compromise and there is no respite and when plan, identity, fitness and form all slot together, there is no more exhilarating or exhausting sight.

“They move. Everywhere, they move, a ceaseless whirl of motion that fatigues the eye — just where are you supposed to look? — and drains the opposition. They catch you once and then they catch you again, just because they can.”

This relentless running has been a key feature of Leeds in the Premier League and it comes from Bielsa.

Caulkin could hear everything that Bielsa was bellowing at his players and it was all about movement.

“The emptiness of the stadium brings a startling kind of intimacy,” said Caulkin. “Because, by god, you can hear Bielsa. He bellows as he crouches and all of it is in English.

“They are simple messages, nudges to muscle memory. “PLEASE, NOW. QUICKLY, QUICKLY,” he shouted. And again, later: “QUICKLY, QUICKLY.” Everything is about propulsion and urgency. “MOVE THE BALL,” and “GO, GO. COME ON.”

The conducter

When Leeds click, they’re more than a match for any other team in the Premier League.

We’ve proved that now, with none of the big six coming to Elland Road and leaving with all three points.

That’s a stunning vindication of Bielsa-ball, which has adapted throughout the season.

We fully deserved the win against Tottenham and it showed a true team playing against a collection of individuals.

Tottenham might have the stronger team on paper but it’s for nothing if you don’t have a manager who can pull the strings and mould them into a real side.

Bielsa must be delighted and the verve with which Leeds have been playing is conducted by Bielsa on the sidelines.

He’s constantly pushing the Leeds players on and demanding urgency and speed.

With this side, Leeds are in the top half of the table and just seven points off Liverpool.

Where can we go with another two or three new players and another full pre-season under Bielsa? The sky’s the limit.

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