Angus Kinnear didn’t hold back in his Leeds United programme notes for the game against Everton on Wednesday night.

Starting his column by saying he’d tried to steer clear of controversial issues, the Leeds chief has finally snapped.

In very strong comments that risk the ire of the FA, he said that recent VAR decisions “are bastardising the very foundations of the laws of the game.”

He went on to describe the Stockley Park officials as one saying, ” A geek over a 100 miles away frenetically trying to align his cross-hairs with an arse and an elbow while simultaneously demonstrating he doesn’t know one from the other.”

Kinnear has got himself noticed.

Telegraph journalist Mike McGrath tweeted about it on Wednesday night. As did The Times’ Henry Winter.

Let’s just start by saying that we think Kinnear is absolutely spot on and the rest of the Leeds fans think the same.

There was plenty of praise for him having the courage to come out and say what so many others are scared of, for fear of repercussions.

But there’s the rub.

Some Leeds United fans think that Kinnear’s words will land Leeds in trouble with the FA. And it’s not just Leeds fans either.

One supporter said, “Hope the FA sanction him for being disrespectful towards officials. We need to root out this behaviour.”

Some Leeds fans are now fearing that will happen with some saying that Leeds will get fined and one going as far as saying we’ll get a points deduction.

A points deduction isn’t going to happen and we’d hope that the authorities can take some criticism without dishing out a fine.

We woulnd’t be surprised if that’s what happens to Kinnear, though. The FA and the Premier League don’t have much give or a sense of humour when it comes to these matters.

Here are the best reactions from Leeds fans…

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