BT Sport commentator Leon Osman did his best to make the Leeds United v Everton game a teeth-grinder for Whites fans. 

During the game, the BT Sport pundit consistently referred to Marcelo Bielsa as ‘Marco’.

We lost track of how many times he said it, despite being handed his correct name throughout the game.

Asked about it by fans after the game, Athletic journalist Phil Hay said, “I heard a lot of complaints about this”.

This comes on the back of another blunder about Stuart Dallas, who the BT Sport commentators have consistently said is born in Leeds. (He’s not.)

The Dallas mistake is fairly amusing. The Bielsa one is just ignorant and unforgivable.

Leeds United

Osman is paid handsomely to comment on Premier League games. The very least he can do is a bit of homework and get names right.

He shouldn’t even have to do homework to know that our manager is called Marcelo Bielsa. It’s not as if he’s been hiding under a rock since he arrived at Elland Road.

Once is a mistake. Several times is grating. More than that and it just becomes disrespectful.

Osman wouldn’t get Klopp’s name wrong. He wouldn’t get Pep’s name wrong.

And he ended up winding up the huge amount of Leeds fans who pay good money to watch their side play.

BT Sport couldn’t even get the score right after the game, crediting Leeds with a 2-1 win.

It’s not good enough and BT Sport need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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