The EFL vote, by Leeds United and 70 other clubs, to decide how the Championship will be ended if the season can’t finish has reportedly been delayed by 24 hours because ballot papers haven’t been sent out in time. 

All 71 clubs will be voting on a framework of rules that will dictate what will happen to Leeds at the end of the season if the Championship can’t fulfil its fixtures.

Clubs were set to vote on Monday, June 8, but that won’t happen now.

BBC journalist Ian Dennis said that clubs were expecting voting papers on Wednesday but need “five clear days to consider proposed amendments”.

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Reacting to the news on the White & Sawyer Show (talkSPORT, Wednesday, 12.45pm), the two hosts were scathing about the EFL.

“This is ludicrous,” said Natalie Sawyer. “Sol Bamba was saying the EFL had communication problems. Now, papers aren’t being sent out.

“It’s just ridiculous. I know they’ve got a lot on but it can’t be this hard. It’s ludicrous. It’s becoming farcical.”

Jim White agreed saying, “It seems crazy. It seems crazy.”

We agree. This is something that really should have been sorted by now.

The Championship has a restart date but Leeds still don’t know what would happen if they can’t finish their nine remaining games.

We think that the delay is down to the EFL receiving alternative proposals that it’s considering today. They wouldn’t be able to send out voting papers until this issue is resolved.

However, it still doesn’t explain why the dates aren’t matching up. The EFL deadline for alternative proposals was Tuesday. The meeting to discuss is on Wednesday. How were they ever going to get papers out on time for Monday’s vote if five clear days were required? Now that is farcical.

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