The EFL is set for another board meeting on Wednesday to discuss alternative proposals to end the season in the event of curtailment and one has been put forward by Tranmere owner Mark Palios.

The EFL put out a short statement on Tuesday that confirmed a number of alternative proposals had been put forward and would now be considered.

If any of these alternative proposals are accepted then it would change the EFL’s original recommendation to end on points-per-game if the season isn’t finished.

One of these alternative proposals has been put forward by Tranmere owner Mark Palios and Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony said that he would support it, although his first preference is to play.

Talking on The Football Show (Sky Sports, Wednesday, 9am) MacAnthony also said the EFL had taken far too long to make a decision.

“I went to the EFL meeting, and we were told to come up with some clever proposals on how the season could end. Three weeks have gone by since that meeting. Nothing’s happened.

“Yesterday by 2pm there was another deadline for proposals to go in. Monday there will be a discussion and multiple votes so you hope it will be sorted one way or another, but it’s taken too long.”

MacAnthony detailed the alternative proposal from Palios saying it would be for points-per-game weighted for a margin of error going back three years.

The top two would then go up automatically and teams within the margin for error would play a mini-tournament to decide the final promotion spot.

leeds united

The good news for Leeds is that the top two in the Championship is nailed down at the moment whatever metric is used.

Leeds and West Brom would go up on points-per-game, weighted points-per-game, or Mark Palios’ points-per-game with a margin of error.

Of course, that’s taking into account the positions right now.

That could change if Leeds start playing again, lose a couple of games and then the season is halted.

That’s why it’s so important that Leeds United get off to as fast a start as possible from June 20.

The good news is that the players are looking fit and, according to Phil Hay, are posting faster running times than before lockdown.

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