By David Woods

9th Jun, 2020 | 9:45am

'Desperate' – EFL club chairman delivers dire warning ahead of crunch Leeds vote today

The EFL is set to vote today on what happens in the event of curtailment – something that seems likely to happen in Leagues One and Two but not the Championship. 

Fleetwood chairman Andrew Pilley was talking about the vote on The Football Show (Sky Sports, Tuesday, 9am), and revealed that he had voted for the EFL recommendations – for seasons to finish on unweighted points-per-game.

That would crucially keep relegation on the table.

However, Pilley also said that the vote today was just stage one and that EFL clubs, including ones in the Championship, are in desperate need of a rescue package.

“I think there has to be relegation across the board, there has to be promotion,” said Pilley.

“There will be winners and losers in this situation, and there will be teams that will broadcast that they could have changed their position if the season had played on.

“However, we think we need to stick as close to the rules as possible.

“I fear for the future of football, though. We’re in desperate need of a rescue package. This is stage one on how to complete the season, but we have to have a rescue package, whether that’s from the government or the Premier League.

“Clubs, including Championship clubs, need help otherwise we have to fear for the very future of football.”

Leeds are on the brink of promotion and while we don’t want to sound too partisan, that will save the club from any dire financial impact.

Leeds will unlock the riches that go along with top-flight football, with the lucrative Sky Sports deal already in place.

However, there’s still a slim chance that Leeds don’t go up. And, if that happens, a rescue package could be absolutely vital to keep the club moving forward.

The Premier League has been asked to help by the government. However, they have said they have to finish their own season and get their finances in order first.

That’s not a very helpful outlook and certainly not one that shows great unity between all leagues in the football pyramid.

The initial effects of the Coronavirus outbreak might have been navigated but the real problems in the EFL could just be starting.

That’s why it’s so important that Leeds United go on and secure promotion over their remaining nine games.

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