By David Woods

28th May, 2020 | 10:10am

David Ornstein details new Premier League plot that could block Leeds United promotion

The Premier League and its 20 clubs are due to start a massive meeting at 10.30am this morning and Athletic journalist David Ornstein has reported a new plot to block relegation. 

In a piece on The Athletic on Thursday, he claims that some clubs will look to get relegation taken off the table today if the season has to be halted without all the fixtures being completed.

They are citing “imbalances in the fixture list” that could affect certain clubs negatively.

Ornstein uses West Ham and Brighton as an example to illustrate the main point the clubs are making.

West Ham play Wolves, Tottenham and Chelsea in their first three fixtures and could drop into the bottom three with easier games to follow.

Brighton play Arsenal, Leicester, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City in their first six games. Norwich have much easier fixtures to start with.

The clubs are set to argue that rules made now will be enforced in future seasons to try to gain more support from clubs that could be affected down the line.

It’s no surprise to see the clubs at the bottom agitating again to get relegation taken off the table.

Ornstein says it’s unlikely that their plan will get the necessary 14 votes but the threat still hangs over Leeds at the moment and it will be good to get it taken off the table once and for all today.

We can’t see the Premier League voting to expand if relegation is scrapped.

Ornstein posted a question to Leeds after his piece had gone out and wondered how the club would feel if the Championship resumed and they dropped into the play-offs before the season was ended early.

We can’t answer for Leeds United but we’re more than happy to take that risk – we’re confident Leeds can finish the job on the pitch. If Ornstein’s doomsday scenario happens, it happens.

We think Leeds are more likely to secure promotion mathematically if the season does restart and then get curtailed.

So far, the Premier League bottom clubs haven’t found any success in getting relegation taken off the table, or the season abandoned.

It started when Christian Purslow said Aston Villa would be against playing in neutral venues.

That was taken off the table, with the Premier League now looking to follow in the footsteps of the Bundesliga and play home and away.

Then it was Norwich and Brighton, with Glenn Murray echoing Stuart Webber’s call to block promotion from the Championship if the second tier didn’t fulfil its fixtures.

Now the plotters want relegation taken off the table if they don’t play all the games.

Hopefully, Ornstein is right, and relegation is confirmed today irrespective of what happens to the remaining Premier League fixtures.

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