Leeds United have until Tuesday to vote on the EFL plans to end the season as detailed in their statement last Wednesday. 

A report in the Daily Mail claims that all 71 clubs will vote by Tuesday and that the plans will be officially ratified early the following week, with June 1 suggested as the date.

If the Championship can’t conclude then under the EFL plans it would be decided on unweighted points-per-game, with promotion and relegation, and play-offs with no more than four teams.

If any division is to be ended early, it needs the agreement of 51% of the teams in the league – that number is 13 for the Championship.

The good news is that the report claims the majority of the Championship wants to play on.

leeds united

The Leeds position has been very clear from the start of this crisis – they want to win promotion the right way, on the pitch.

That’s not the position of every club – Hull City, one place above the drop zone, want to end the season early.

And it’s been said that there are others who agree with that stance too.

However, this first round of voting is purely for the new plan from the EFL. Once these plans have been ratified then a future vote on ending the season early could take place.

At the present time the mood in the Championship is to play on. However, that could change at any point in what is a really fluid situation.

There are plenty of milestones along the way to a safe return for football, with a return to training on Monday being the first.

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