Chris Sutton has disagreed with a fan who said that Marcelo Bielsa was the only manager who could keep this Leeds United side up. 

The Leeds fan phoned the 606 show on the BBC on Sunday night after Leeds had lost 4-2 to Arsenal.

He claimed that the Leeds players were “Championship-level” and that Bielsa was working wonders with them.

“We’ve had a really good season and the reason why Bielsa is such a genius is no other manager could take that group of players, the same that played in the Championship, and play in the Premier League and keep us up,” said the Leeds fan.

Sutton and Robbie Savage named Pep Guardiola and Brendan Rodgers but the Leeds fan wasn’t backing down.

“No, they wouldn’t. I was going to use the example of Tottenham’s manager, the Special One. He’d drop all 11 players and be knocking on the manager’s door.

“He [Bielsa] bought Rodrigo, Raphinha, Koch and Llorente, they’ve all been injured apart from Raphinha.

“Overall, that team the played Arsenal, they’ve been absolutely superb with Championship-level players.”

Sutton posted the clip on his Twitter page on Sunday night and said, “Not sure this is true although Bielsa has done great things at Leeds.”

Not Championship level anymore 

We get what the Leeds fan is saying but he’s got a bit muddled.

Bielsa has done an incredible job at Leeds with this group of players.

The team had finished mid-table in the Championship when Bielsa came in and when he didn’t demand wholesale changes, plenty of Leeds fans feared the worst.

He has improved all of the players, especially Kalvin Phillips, but it’s not fair to call them Championship-level players now.

Bielsa’s coaching skills have made them Premier League players and they deserve plaudits for what they’ve done this season.

The real question is how far they can go and we think that mid-table is probably about right.

That’s an incredible achievement but Leeds will need to strengthen to take things much further.

The Leeds players might have been Championship level but they’re not anymore.

Could any other manager have kept them up? One or two, but we do accept that not many would have stuck by them.

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