By David Woods

18th Jun, 2020 | 10:59am

'Beg for a goal' – Danny Mills dismantles Agbonlahor on Sky Sports as Leeds debate rages

Former Aston Villa player Gabby Agbonlahor came off a distinct second best as Sky Sports picked up on the fierce debate from the controversy in the Premier League last night by talking about Leeds United.

Hawk-Eye technology completely failed as the Villa keeper carried the ball visibly over the line.

The Aston Villa players played on and the Sheffield United players took it up with the referee, although not with the opposition players – as Villa did at Leeds last season.

Leeds have been dragged into the debate, with people calling out Aston Villa for hypocrisy.

That was the subject of a heated debate on The Football Show on Thursday morning (Sky Sports, 10am).

Agbonlahor was asked if the Villa players should have gifted a goal to Sheffield United but he wasn’t having any of it.

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“You can’t do that,” Agbonlahor said. “It’s not their fault, the technology’s not worked. You can’t give Sheffield United a goal like Leeds did last season. That was because Leeds were not fair in the game and they had to give a goal.”

Danny Mills picked up on the argument and replied, “Last season Aston Villa were outraged because the decision went again them. Bielsa ordered his players to score.

“Aston Villa were very much applauding Leeds and saying it was the right thing to do. Suddenly, now it’s the other way round they’ve gone, ‘Nah, not doing it’.

“If you’re going to praise Leeds and beg for a goal you have to be fair the other way round.”

Agbonlahor tried again saying, “You can’t expect the Villa players to give a goal back.”

But Mills finished him by saying, “It’s no different to the Leeds game. What’s different? They scored a goal that shouldn’t have been allowed so they let Villa score. What’s the difference?”

MOT View – Villa can’t have it both ways

This is an issue of sportsmanship. Yes, the technology failed but at least six Aston Villa players knew full well the ball was over the line. The image below proves that.

Should they have given a goal back? In their position, it’s hard to see that they would but if they’re going to take a point from the game unfairly, they need to at least own it.

You can’t have it both ways. The Leeds players did nothing wrong. They played to the whistle.

If it’s not up to the Villa players to make the decisions for the referee, why is it any different for the Leeds players? Why should they stop play if the ref hasn’t blown the whistle?

Dean Smith called out Mateusz Klich after the game and said he was wrong. He didn’t call any of his own players out after the whistle last night. At the very least, Nyland in goal, knew for a fact it was a goal after holding the ball behind the post while he was in the side netting.

The Leeds game is in the past and it makes little difference now. It just sticks in the craw to have to listen to Villa apologists saying this time is different. Well played Danny Mills.

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