By David Woods

20th May, 2021 | 9:03am

Patrick Bamford shares brilliant story from Leeds win v Southampton

Patrick Bamford has revealed what it was like to be playing with opposition fans in the stadium after Leeds United beat Southampton 2-0 and there was one very funny story.

Bamford revealed that the Southampton fans were clapping the Leeds players as they were warming up but that the atmosphere changed when they came out for the game proper.

Talking on the Official Leeds United Podcast he said, “It was unreal, it was so nice.

“Even when we were warming up, we went to do our last bit and their fans were actually clapping us.

“Kalv was milking it, clapping them back.

“When we walked out for kick-off they started booing us and then all of a sudden started cheering, I was like ‘Oh my god, why are they cheering us?'”

“I turned round at the same time as Kalvin, obviously their team had just come out and they were cheering them.

“The funny thing is, Kalvin was literally about to start clapping them back. He said, ‘It’s a good job I turned round and checked.’

“I enjoyed winding up the fans after I scored. All I did was smile at them, then they started giving me abuse so I just put my thumbs up.”

Loudest in the PL

The games this midweek gave us a small taster of what to expect on Sunday but we know for a fact that the Leeds fans are going to be 10x louder.

It will be a hero’s welcome for the Leeds players who have given their all in the Premier League this season.

Raphinha will get cheered whenever he touches the ball – we’re almost feeling sorry for the West Brom players who have already been relegated.

If Leeds get an early goal it could be a bloodbath as we chase eighth spot in the league.

With around £2m per place on the line, a win could be worth as much as £4m to put towards an end-of-season party and another player in the transfer window.

Then all eyes will be on next season when we’re hoping that Elland Road will be fully open again and packed with the fans who missed out on the ballot this time around.

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