By David Woods

9th Mar, 2021 | 5:37pm

Adrian Durham: VAR fiddled offside lines to deny Leeds a goal

talkSPORT host Adrian Durham has claimed that the VAR officials at Stockley Park fiddled an offside decision that denied Leeds United a goal in the 2-0 defeat against West Ham.

He said they drew the lines to make it look offside to “save face” and support the on-field decision, which Durham claims was wrong.

The goal scored by Tyler Roberts was chalked off after the linesman flagged once the ball had been put in the net.

Mike Dean ruled out the goal before the incident was looked at by VAR.

VAR claimed that Helder Costa’s knee was offside with some very dodgy looking lines, despite the trailing foot of the West Ham defender seemingly playing him on.

Talking on Drive (talkSPORT, Tuesday, 4pm), Durham claimed that the VAR officials at Stockley Park had cheated Leeds out of the goal.

“I want to know what people think about the Leeds goal being given as offside,” Durham said. “I can’t for the life of me work it out.

“‘Great decision!’ the commentator said to the linesman for getting it right.

“He guessed and it wasn’t offside. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know why football is putting up with it.

“There’s no clear part of Costa that’s offside, when they do the stills, when they draw the lines… There’s nothing clearly smacking you in the face to say that’s offside.

“So it has to be a guess. If it’s clear then flag. if there are any doubts don’t raise your flag, that’s how I see it.

“So, because he raised the flag, they felt they had to give it offside and they drew those lines in such a way that it looked offside. When it wasn’t.”

Big claim, even for Durham

Durham is a curious mix of shock jock and solid football pundit, but this is quite outspoken even for him.

Plenty of fans, not just Leeds supporters, felt the image that VAR put out proved nothing and that the line they drew didn’t look straight and wasn’t done accurately.

VAR has been getting a lot of stick but this is basic human error. Or worse, as Durham has pointed out.

Funnily enough, he made this comment after a reader phoned in to say that he had gone too far when he said the decision was ridiculous.

That just spurred him on to double down and effectively accuse Stockley Park of cheating.

Let’s not mince words, if that’s what they did then the repercussions should be huge.

That will never come out, though, and Leeds will never get that goal back or any points from the game.

However, this is yet more proof that VAR needs to change.

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