By Daniel Feliciano

13th Jan, 2023 | 10:15pm

Gary Neville blasts Marc Roca for what he did in Leeds United clash v Aston Villa

Gary Neville has blasted Leeds midfielder Marc Roca for his missed chance against Aston Villa, which led to a goal at the other end seconds later.

The Spaniard should have scored from a corner but got caught in two minds about how to strike the ball and ended up missing it completely.

That allowed the home side to counter-attack and Leon Bailey curled the ball into the top corner after just three minutes to give them the lead, leaving Neville furious on commentary for Sky Sports.

“What’s he doing?” he said (13 January, 20:05) “He sort of is, in between.

“It’s at hip height and he doesn’t know whether to go with his foot or his head, and in the end he goes with neither.

“From there, counter-attack. Ashley Young’s release, the pass forward is fantastic.”


Roca has to score there and if that was a striker we’d be using it as another reason why we’re desperate for a new striker, but that wasn’t the case this time.

But the midfielder must see it late, and it comes at an awkward height for him which just leaves him in no-man’s land, and he ends up totally fluffing the chance. It definitely didn’t help that he isn’t a natural goalscorer either.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it then leads directly to Villa’s opening goal and it was just a moment where everything that could have gone wrong did.

You can understand why Neville picked him out, because realistically it should have been 1-0 to Leeds and then seconds later they found themselves 1-0 down.

Overall though he had a decent first half and Leeds were probably the better side throughout, so we won’t hold it against him too much, despite how unfortunate it turned out to be for him.

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