The EFL announced how they would like the Championship to end on Wednesday and there were no major surprises in its statement for Leeds United. 

The season will look to play on and will be decided on unweighted points-per-game if fixtures can’t be completed.

That would see Leeds promoted as champions but there is one big issue that Atheltic journalist Phil Hay pointed out.

The EFL is not in complete control of its own destiny.

They can declare Leeds champions but they’re dependent on the Premier League for promotion.

If the Premier League shuts up shop then there’s nothing the EFL or Leeds United can do outside of going to court. And no one wants to win promotion that way.

Hay posted, “PPG confirmation from the EFL is obviously very good for Leeds. Covers them in terms of finishing top if games can’t be played. But still need confirmation that the EPL will apply relegation via PPG if its own season can’t play out.”

As one fan pointed out, “there’s a chance we could win the league and still be playing Championship football next season…. That is a very Leeds thing to do.”

That is obviously possible but unlikely at the moment. However, Leeds definitely need to be seen to want to play and to vote for the season to continue – otherwise they’d be playing into the hands of the Premier League strugglers.

Not all Leeds fans feel the same way though and are well aware of how fragile the seven-point buffer is that Leeds are currently sitting on.

As one fan said, “I swear to god if we vote to finish on pitch I’m going to cry.”

He’d better be ready to dry his eyes.

Here are the rest of the best reactions from Leeds fans…

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