Adrian Durham claims Leeds fans will be 'sensational' when supporters return

talkSPORT host Adrian Durham has claimed that the Leeds United fans will be “absolutely sensational” when they’re let back into Elland Road for the last game of the season.

Current plans would see Leeds fans allowed back into Elland Road for the first time in the Premier League this season for the final home game against West Brom.

In an emotional segment on talkSPORT this afternoon, Durham said that he couldn’t wait to hear Marching on Together belting out at Elland Road. [Drive, talkSPORT, Wednesday, 5.30pm]

“What about Marching on Together?” said Durham.

“How good will it be to hear that belting out at Elland Road this season? It will be absolutely sensational.”

Co-host Darren Gough concurred and said, “What about Leeds United, going to the Premier League, no one has been able to see them yet.

“Luckily for Leeds fans they’re going to stay in the Premier League, for some it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


It’s been a tough time for Leeds fans but getting back into Elland Road for the last game of the season will be some consolation.

At least the entire season won’t go past without Marching on Together ringing out in the famous stadium.

Gough is right, though.

Leeds fans, if all goes well, will be back at Elland Road en masse for the start of next season with lockdown restrictions looking to be completely lifted in the summer.

It means the Euros should go ahead with spectators and it means that Elland Road will be packed out every week from the start of the 21/22 campaign.

Then it will be time for the Leeds fans to show what they can do and just how loud they can be.

We think it will be worth at least another nine points in the Premier League.

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