We’re delighted to welcome former Premier League referee Keith Hackett to the MOT Leeds News team. Each week, Hackett will discuss the big moments from the latest Leeds United games and deliver his verdict on whether his successors got their calls right or wrong…

Keith Hackett has hit back at claims that Sheffield United defender George Baldock wasn’t sent off against Leeds because of the concussion protocols.

Gabby Logan did suggest on Amazon Prime’s live coverage that the new protocols could have confused the officials on what the next step was.

Hackett hit back, claiming that Graham Scott didn’t even play advantage after the decision, so it was never in his mind to card the Blades defender.


Speaking exclusively to MOT Leeds News, Hackett said, “He’s slightly ahead of play.

“He’s got a good view. I think what the referees have got to do is be more aware of head injuries that are sustained.

“I think there have been a couple of games where play has been able to continue, when a player was down, there has to be a duty of care to the players.”

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The concussion rulings had no say on the outcome of this challenge, Baldock would have stayed on the pitch if he wasn’t forced off.

Scott didn’t seem to see the impact of the challenge, and that not only put Tyler Robert at risk but also Baldock who was dangerously out of control.

Everyone analysing this challenge believes it was a red-card offence, and Logan was potentially trying to stay neutral; something that didn’t make much sense.

Hopefully, we won’t have to discuss challenges like this for much longer, with the need for consistency growing every single week.

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