Leeds United are back in the big time. An explosive prime time outing against Liverpool on Saturday evening on Sky Sports was proof of that. 

Owner Andrea Radrizzani’s next plan is to get his club to within touching distance of the top six and he aims to do that while still retaining control of the club.

Leeds isn’t without its suitors, though.

QSI is one of them and in a recent bombshell it was reported that they want complete control of the club.

In the FT article published on Friday, the financial paper reported that “one adviser to QSI said it continued to be interested in acquiring Leeds outright.”

In the same article, journalist Murad Ahmed claimed that Radrizzani has “rejected takeover offers in recent weeks, but is willing to sell a minority stake in the club at a £270m-£300m valuation.”

It doesn’t take a big stretch to assume that QSI is one of those who has bid for the club.

But there are obviously other interested parties who want outright control of the club, too.

And Ahmed said that “investors were lining up to back his plans for Leeds.”

Radrizzani himself said, “The target in five years is to be behind the ‘Big Six’. If we get there in terms of sports results and we have a very solid business . . . then we can be [worth] in the region of £600m-£1bn.”

leeds united

Radrizzani’s first plan was to get Leeds in the Premier League but he’s obviously enjoying himself and not ready to cash his chips in yet.

Why would he when he’s got his eyes on a £1bn valuation?

He sent a tweet on Friday that shows he’s living his dream.

Some Leeds fans are still desperate for a QSI takeover and the riches that would unlock.

But we’d much prefer to see Radrizzani and Marcelo Bielsa do it the right way.

The club is building for the future at the moment, with players like Joe Gelhardt, Sam Greenwood and Cody Drameh joining over the summer.

Spain’s number nine has joined and another Rodrigo, De Paul, could be signing in this window.

But, either way, with QSI wanting total control and others queueing up to invest, Leeds are set to be a big force in the Premier League.

If they can do that without ‘buying’ a Champions League spot we would be ecstatic.

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