Leeds United got promoted to the Premier League last season but ended up posting losses of £62m. 

Given that, as Athletic journalist Phil Hay pointed out, it’s a good job Marcelo Bielsa finally led them to the top-flight.

But these are perilous times for football clubs.

Even the clubs at the very top of the game are feeling the pinch from a year that’s been shaped and dominated by the Covid pandemic.

Leeds play Man City next, a club that’s flying high and still fighting for a historic quadruple.

Pep probably has the best Man City team ever playing for him but as a club they still lost £126m in the same period.

BBC journalist Adam Pope relayed their results on Tuesday afternoon.

That’s a huge sum of money and these losses are painting a picture of an impending financial crisis in the game.

The losses Leeds announced might be more than fans were expecting, but the Man City losses put them in perspective.

If Leeds took a cautious gamble on getting back in the Premier League, Covid made the odds a bit more worrying.

However, Pope also said that Man City are expecting to return to profitability next season and with fans back in Elland Road from the last game of this campaign, Leeds accounts should look a lot healthier too.

Leeds are in a relatively healthy position, with Premier League and 49ers money set to make them a buying club again this summer.

With clubs in France and Spain though to be the worst off, with French clubs facing a collapse of their TV deal, it’s a great time to be a buying club with money.

Overall, though, it’s not the perfect time to be the owner of a football club.

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