By Joe Ellis

13th Sep, 2022 | 6:10am

Leeds United fans should be delighted as VAR changes set for 23/24 season

Leeds United were one of the more fortunate teams when it came to VAR last season but they will still love the proposed changes.

According to The Times, the Premier League are set to introduce semi-automatic offsides from next season after seeing them work tremendously well in the Champions League so far.

The intention is to not only improve the accuracy of decisions with automatically drawn lines rather than the manual ones currently in operation but also greatly reduce the time it takes for offside decisions to be made.

A source with knowledge of Hawkeye (the technology required) said: “We are seeing that under the semi-automated system decisions are being made within the time of natural stoppages for celebrations after a goal is scored rather than players waiting around for several minutes.”

This should keep the flow of the game much better while also reducing the amount of incorrect decisions although fouls and red cards will still play their part in the same way they are now.

Which might be a good thing for Leeds United as ESPN predicted that the Whites would have been relegated last season had VAR not been involved.

Regardless of that, though, these changes will be welcomed by every fan in the Premier League with games likely to be much quicker and no need for double figures in added time unless injuries come into play.

For the rest of this season, though, the slow and unpredictable VAR is in full effect and it won’t be until a vote after the World Cup that these changes will be considered but the early indication is that every club wants it to happen.

Leeds fans should be happy to see these changes come into place to give their side no excuses when things don’t go their way and ensure they keep pushing on and not relying on technology to save them this time around.

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