By Craig Scott

5th Jul, 2022 | 9:48am

Tyler Adams absent from RB Leipzig training as Leeds United finalise transfer - Sky Sports Germany

Tyler Adams is absent from RB Leipzig training on Tuesday morning as he’s finalising a move to Leeds United, according to Sky Sports Germany journalist Philipp Hinze.

Writing via his personal Twitter account on Tuesday morning (5 July), Hinze reported that Adams, 23, is nowhere to be seen in Leipzig’s pre-season training.

It seems that Hinze is at Leipzig’s training session because he’s also shared a video clip of the players making their way to the training pitch.

Solid proof

Well, there we have it.

Unless Adams has coincidentally fallen ill or suffered an injury, there’s no reason for him to be missing training with Leipzig on Tuesday morning other than the fact he’s on his way to Leeds.

It doesn’t mean it’s a done deal but there’s a chance he’s being left out of training to ensure he doesn’t get an injury that could either pull the brakes on negotiations or derail them completely.

We’re unsure about Adams.

He started just 12 Bundesliga games for Leipzig last season and is yet another American player who’s previously played for Jesse Marsch.

While Marsch kept us up last season, he only just did it and it seems as though either he or the 49ers have more of a say in transfer policy.

It cannot be a coincidence that the 49ers upped their stake at Elland Road last year and since then, an American manager has been hired, an American attacker has been signed and now, potentially, another American player is on his way to Elland Road.

We’re not talking down American footballers and American managers. But signing and hiring people just because they share the nationality of shareholders is a dangerous trend to follow.

What happened to just signing top-class players because they’re simply top-class players?

In other Leeds United news, a player jetted into the UK on Monday night ahead of signing permanently for the Whites.