By Craig Scott

26th Aug, 2022 | 8:40am

Phil Hay: Leeds United could receive FA letter after Sky Sports footage of incident emerges

Leeds United could receive a letter from the FA warning about the behaviour of players after a scuffle broke out in the win against Barnsley this week, according to Phil Hay.

As Leeds won 3-1 against the Tykes in the second round of the Carabao Cup at Elland Road on Wednesday (24 August), a skirmish broke out that led to Leo Hjelde, Cody Drameh and Liam Kitching getting booked.

Sky Sports shared footage of the incident via their website.

Hay expects some kind of reaction from the FA but he’s glad it didn’t escalate further with fiery manager Jesse Marsch managing to not get involved.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Phil Hay Show podcast on Friday (26 August, 6min50s), Hay said: “When I first saw it, I thought there could be some repercussions from this but then when you saw the replay, it was – as I said on Twitter – worth the effort, that kind of all-in.

“Some of them, you think that was just pointless, wasn’t it? If you’re going to do it, at least kind of semi-do it properly.

“I’d give that a 7/10. Like somebody said, ‘better than handbags but better than full-blown war’ in the spectrum.

“Marsch was talking about the right side of the line and I think if he had been tempted to run 40 yards to get involved then there would have been problems.

“I suspect they might get letters mentioning the words, ‘failing to control players’ and fines of £10,000 or £20,000 or whatever the FA like to reel in for these things.

“But Marsch has obviously got a reputation for things like this because I was on one of the US podcasts earlier in the week and they were asking me specifically how much he likes tangling with people in the dug-out. How much does he like fighting with other head coaches

“And I said there’s a small sample size to go on because he hasn’t been here for too many games but obviously he’s had the run-in with Bruno Lage and he reckons there was a bit of a run-in at Molineux as well. And then there was the needle with [Thomas] Tuchel with the deliberately pointed comment saying he should be banned.”

Love it

It’s good to see incidents like this, isn’t it?

No one got hurt, no one got sent off and nothing terrible happened.

It was just two groups of players getting heated in a local derby match with plenty of pushing, shoving, shouting and aggro.

Nothing came of it other than a few yellow cards, which was the correct outcome really. But people who say things like, ‘you don’t want to see that in a game’ are wrong.

We all want to see it.

The Leeds United squad was made up mainly of youngsters and some of the players who hadn’t played much so far this season so there were plenty of players out there with a point to prove.

It’s great to see that they were still fired up for a game against lower league opposition and great to see that they had each other’s backs when things got fiesty.

Marsch’s behaviour has caught the eye lately for the incidents that Hay mentioned.

We just don’t want him getting too caught up in the moment either on matchdays or in press conferences because we feel like he could go a bit too far at some point.

In other Leeds United news, Marsch has said this Leeds player is the “best” he’s ever seen.