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We’re seeing a lot of people suggesting Leeds need to transition quicker in attack and that they are always better when they do that. Some thoughts…

Leeds are easily the best at transition in the Championship – Bielsa’s whole system is based on transition so that stands to reason.

The idea that faster = better is questionable. In fact, variability is an important facet to attacking transition.

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There is a difference between transitioning through a high press, a mid block and a low block.

Transitioning through a low block, for example, is much more difficult than mid or high press.

This is why some teams will fall into a low block against Leeds. It’s harder to manipulate space when the opponent has a smaller area to guard.


More often than not, Leeds being quicker in transition will directly correlate to them having more space. If they aren’t transitioning quickly, it’s the opponents preventing them – not them just not being bothered.

Anyway, this is all moot anyway because Leeds’ problem is not finishing chances – as seen in the game against Wigan – rather than creating them in the first place.

Leeds created two big chances and had an xG of over two. Wigan’s xG was 0.2.

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