By David Woods

12th Mar, 2020 | 9:55am

'You cannot be serious; I will lose the plot' - Many Leeds fans react to latest Coronavirus news

Leeds United are finally on the brink of promotion back to the Premier League and the WHO has just declared a global pandemic.

It’s the sort of stuff you couldn’t make up and the threat of Coronavirus is very real, unfortunately.

It’s wreaking havoc in the sporting world, with games already being played behind closed doors in France and Spain.

All sport has been suspended in Italy and the NBA was suspended with immediate effect after a player tested positive for the virus.

Now, the Times has reported that all football in the UK will be played behind closed doors in a new move that could be triggered as early as today, with a Cobra meeting scheduled for Thursday.

And Leeds fans, who were solely focused on how many points they need from the remaining fixtures, now have a new enemy.

There isn’t one take on what’s happening.

Some fans think that if Leeds are forced to play behind closed doors, that fans will simply meet up outside the stadium, as happened in the PSG Champions League game last night.

Other fans simply can’t bear the thought of Leeds winning promotion without them being able to watch it live.

One fan called for the season to be suspended and the Euros to be cancelled, with the Championship being finished over the summer.

Another said they should stop the Championship now and have a play-off to see who goes up as champions, Leeds or West Brom.

Fulham might have something to say about that.

It appears highly likely that games will be played behind closed doors but it doesn’t take a huge leap to see that if players start to test positive, that more extreme measures will have to be introduced.

Meanwhile, here are the best reactions to the unfolding crisis on Twitter…

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