By David Woods

14th May, 2021 | 3:35pm

'Work is taking place' – Angus Kinnear delivers exciting new Leeds stadium update

Leeds United chief Angus Kinnear has said that “work is taking place” behind the scenes on the Elland Road overhaul.

He said that the future stadium would have a capacity between 50,000 and 60,000, which would put it into the upper echelons of the Premier League.

West Ham’s new stadium – the fourth biggest in the Premier League – is bang on 60,000.

The good news for the fans is that Leeds are also going to be consulting properly with the supporters, perhaps mindful of what happened after the new badge fiasco.

Talking on the Phil Hay Show podcast Kinnear said, “The preliminary work is taking place in terms of design, structure and budget. It’s a long project and an ambitious project. We want a stadium that can compete in the top six of the Premier League.

“If you look at the stadiums we need to benchmark ourselves again, it needs to be somewhere between 50 and 60,000, to be financially competitive with other world-class stadiums in the Premier League.

“We know we have the demand for that, from our season ticket waiting list. We know that Leeds as a city can sustain a club at 50,000-60,000.

“The location isn’t going to be looked at, we’re lucky to be in a great location near the city centre. We have a horseshoe of land that we can develop back into.

“The only challenging side is the Elland Road side.

“The project works on a year-by-year basis, where you work over the top of one stand with people sitting below. Then you move people up and build below so you don’t lose capacity.

“The visions we’re seeing are impressive, they’re something everyone in the city will be proud of, we’re getting a lot of support from the council.

“We want to come to the fanbase with a proper consultation about what they want. The vision is there and the work is taking place behind the scenes.”

Exciting news

This is exciting and fans will be happy on two fronts.

First, that capacity won’t really be affected while the building work is going on.

Fans have already had to put up with being locked out of Elland Road for the first season back in the Premier League.

The second bit of good news is the fan consultation period will ensure buy-in from the most important people, the supporters.

Leeds also have a fantastic partner in the San Fran 49ers, who have built a huge new stadium themselves recently.

The thought of a 60,000 capacity Elland Road has already got the goosebumps up. We’re already probably the loudest stadium in the country. The thought of another 50% on top of the current capacity is hugely exciting.

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