'Whole shooting match' – Pope says Leeds to make multi-million changes to Elland Rd in summer

Leeds United are set to make a multi-million-pound investment in Elland Road this summer, after laying a temporary new pitch to get it through this season.

Leeds announced that they would be laying a new pitch on Friday after a photo surfaced of work being carried out.

The pitch was heavy and was cutting up in the last game against Brighton. Leeds play away for the next two games and that’s given us the chance to get the new pitch in before the next home game against Everton on February 3.

In the summer, Leeds are set to completely change the entire pitch and drainage structure – a big job that could take 14 weeks to complete.

BBC journalist Adam Pope said this would be the “whole shooting match in the summer – new drainage, the lot. Current structure is 25 years plus old & defunct. Ground staff have done brilliantly over the years to keep it going.”

When asked how much this would cost Leeds, he replied, “A few million”.

New pitch, better results

There have been a lot of jokes about the new pitch, with people saying it’s a fantastic new signing.

One fan even went as far as to mock up the contract signing.

Jokes aside, though, there is actually a lot of truth in it.

The state of the Elland Road pitch did not suit Leeds at all and Patrick Bamford said the players were complaining about the “shocking” condition of it after the 1-0 loss to Brighton.

Leeds play a fast, one-touch style but were seen to be playing more long balls against Brighton.

The new pitch should deliver the sort of surface Bielsa wants for the rest of the season.

And the massive investment in the summer should ensure a lush carpet to play on in the 21/22 campaign.

All of this is good news and will hopefully lead to better results at Elland Road – we’ve only won 3/9 games at home so far this season.

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