Angus Kinnear has said that there are two scenarios in play for when Elland Road opens back up to supporters and asked for patience and understanding from Leeds United fans.

The first fans in England came back this week, with some stadiums allowed to host 2,000 (Tier 2) and 4,000 fans (Tier 1) as of now.

Elland Road is in Tier 3 and remains closed. However, even when it opens Kinnear said fans wouldn’t be sat in their normal seats and would face further “complications”.

Talking on The Square Ball podcast the Leeds chief said, “It’s a very different experience. All the fans have to realise it’s a small step back on the road to full capacity.

“That’s why we’re asking for cooperation in terms of how the allocations works out because we’ve got 24,000 season ticket holders and 2,000 fans will be allowed in if we get into Tier 2, which would leave 22,000 disappointed fans.

“When they do come back they’re not going to be sat in their normal seats and there will be complications such as questionnaires to fill in. It’s far from ideal.”

In terms of seating, Kinnear said, “We’re looking at two scenarios, one is just the East Stand, the other is three stands but not the West Stand.

“The West stand will be kept as the red/amber zone which keeps all the players and media safe.

“So it’s whether it’s one stand or ideally three which demonstrates there’s more room for fans to come back.”

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First step back to Elland Road

It seems unfair that some clubs can welcome fans back in and others can’t.

Chelsea will have 2,000 fans in attendance for the game against Leeds on Saturday evening. Away supporters aren’t allowed in.

However, these are far from normal times and we’re just glad that finally there is a clear route back to getting fans into Elland Road.

No one should underestimate how tough this is going to be for Leeds to manage. There are 24,000 season ticket holders and that would mean one game in 12 if 100% of fans wanted to go to every game.

However, the hope will be that with a vaccine being rolled out and the winter months behind us, more fans will be allowed in for the second half of the season.

A full and rocking Elland Road is what we’re waiting for and there’s still hope that will be sometime this season.

In the meantime, it’s going to be a ballot system for Leeds fans but you can apply to sit with family or friends.

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