By Kealan Hughes

24th Mar, 2021 | 1:10pm

Trevor Sinclair clashes with Leeds fan over Alioski agreeing Galatasary pre-contract deal

Leeds United fans have been debating Gjanni Alioski since the news broke yesterday that he has signed a pre-contract deal with Galatasary, per Football Insider.

Jim White was keen to continue the discussion on his morning talkSPORT show and guest Trevor Sinclair got into a heated debate with one Leeds fan.

The former Manchester City player defended Alioski and suggested he was well within his rights but Whites fan Ryan was not having any of it.

Speaking to talkSPORT show White and Jordan with Trevor Sinclair, Ryan said, “He’s fully aware. He’s made a real close connection with the fans, he’s a bit of a class clown so we love him. He’s a bit of a cult hero.

“If it is true then everything he’s achieved at Leeds in the past three or four years will be totally forgotten.”

Sinclair hit back in response, “I just feel the fact he’s a foreign player, a Macedonian, he’s come over here he’s been here for a few years, obviously done well at Leeds.

“It’s one of them where it’s his profession – if he did have different options he may have taken them but like what Simon [Jordan] said, he might not have any other opportunities to play and if Leeds have not offered him a contract what’s he expected to do?”

However, his argument quickly fell down and Ryan eventually brought Sinclair round to his way of thinking following an exchange.

“I know people in the game Trev and I know this for a fact that Leeds have offered him a one-year deal but he’s turned it down,” Ryan replied.

Sinclair interrupted, “Would you sign a one-year deal at 29?”

Ryan then reinforced his point, “Well no I’m not saying that but a player of his ability and quality there will be plenty of clubs out there that will be willing to sign him – why go to that club?”

“Yeah,” agreed Sinclair.

Tough call

This is a move that will completely split the fanbase.

Many will not be able to forgive Alioski for moving to Galatasary and that is perfectly understandable given the history between the two clubs.

However, he has always given his all for the club, played a part in getting us into the Premier League and has always been a source of fun for Whites fans to enjoy.

The key point is whether you agree with Ryan that Alioski could go to a number of clubs who may be interested.

At present, that supposed interest is unclear, and Galatasary are a huge club that can likely pay Alioski life-changing wages.

He is now 29 and this could be his last payday in the big time, so we can see why he has agreed to the move.

It would be good if Alioski spoke about the decision at some point and offered an explanation to the Leeds fans who have responded angrily.

That will hopefully clear the air and allow Alioski to be remembered for the positive contributions he made.

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