talkSPORT broadcaster Jim White has said the idea there will be no relegation from the Premier League this season is “nonsense”.

White said “there will be” and that will be music to the ears of Leeds United fans.

It was reported in the Daily Mail that the bottom clubs in the top-flight want relegation taken off the table before they’ll agree to play at neutral venues.

EFL chairman Rick Parry then said that lawyers would get wealthy unless the Premier League relegated three teams and promoted three from the Championship.

Talking on the White & Sawyer Show, (talkSPORT, Wednesday, 12.30pm) White said, “All the focus of attention will be on the restart and players will have to hit the ground running behind closed doors or not, but it will be behind closed doors. That’s a tall order for players.

“They don’t have a lot of time, they don’t have a lot of games. If you’re in the relegation zone, and there is relegation, there will be… The fact that people say there might not be, that’s nonsense. There will be relegation. You could be down in the blink of an eye before you know.

“They’ve all got to get their game head on and they haven’t had that for a long time.”

leeds united

If the Premier League took relegation and promotion off the table, we’re sure that Leeds would be contacting their lawyers.

It would also bring into question the sporting integrity of the competition, with teams at the bottom having nothing to play for going up against teams fighting for European places.

We doubt UEFA would be happy with that.

That’s assuming the remaining matches can be played. If the season can’t continue then it’s a different matter.

The Dutch league has been declared null and void and that would be the disaster scenario for Leeds.

Of the five major European leagues, only France has declared the season over and they’re finding the decision to relegate teams isn’t being taken without question.

Amiens have launched a petition to get Ligue 1 to reverse their decision to relegate them and legal threats hang over the league.

The Championship is looking to promote Leeds and West Brom and stage a three-game play-off for the remaining promotion spot if the season can’t be done.

So far, all talk from the Premier League has been on finishing the season and that is key to Leeds getting promoted – as long as relegation isn’t taken off the table.

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