By David Woods

11th Dec, 2020 | 7:32am

'Strange' – Phil Hay claims one thing odd about Leeds summer signing that has left player angry

Raphinha has made a big impact with the Leeds United fans already, scoring the only goal of the game in the 1-0 win against Everton in just his second start for the club.

However, they were left a bit bemused by a recent interview with Raphinha where he said that he felt ‘devalued’ by the move.

Talking to ESPN, via the Yorkshire Evening Post, Raphinha said, “I was focused on playing [in the] Champions League at Rennes, but, knowing that, out of the blue, they accepted an offer from Leeds, for an even lower price than the purchase, made me feel devalued.

“I was told that Rennes would only sell me for an offer of 60 million euros, but they sold me for 15 million. I felt devalued.”

Athletic journalist Phil Hay thinks that Raphinha has been left genuinely aggrieved by the deal, but more about how Rennes viewed him than actually moving to Leeds.

Hay also said that he found it “strange” that Rennes had sold him for less than they signed him for just one year earlier.

He said that if Raphinha went on to fulfil his potential at Leeds it would seem like a very “weird’ decision.

Talking on the latest episode of the Phil Hay Show podcast, Hay said, “At £17m, Leeds have had a bit of a steal there.

“I’m not sure he’s worth €60m but certainly more than £17m.

“I find it strange that having signed him for €22m, and then with him in the team that got in the Champions League, that Rennes were happy to take £17m from Leeds for him.

“I thought they would have wanted a profit. I asked a journo over there and he said if they got their money back they’d be happy as they didn’t think he’d been that outstanding.

“Clearly, he is a bit aggrieved about what went on and I imagine he’s a bit aggrieved at the tone of the coverage after he left which did seem a bit ‘good riddance’ to a player who’d turned in some good performances.

“I think further down the line you’d look back and judge it as a very weird decision by Rennes.”

Leeds fans already sold

The fallout from the transfer is a bit odd. It’s not common for players to complain about being sold for less than they think they’re worth. Normally, players are complaining that the price the selling club wants is blocking a move happening.

But it does seem like Rennes could have at least got what they paid for him. Perhaps, we’re undervaluing the negotiations done by the Leeds recruitment team here.

Either way, we think Leeds United have come out well on top of the deal and Raphinha is going to get his next chance to rub Rennes’ nose in it tonight.

He’s been named in the starting line-up for the game against West Ham at Elland Road and he’s currently keeping Helder Costa on the bench.

Hopefully, the bitter taste in his mouth is going to inspire him to stand out in a much better league than Ligue 1.

Tonight is exciting because it’s the first time that Leeds fans are going to see Rodrigo and Raphinha starting together.

It could be the start of an ‘R&R’ relationship that will light up Elland Road this season.

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