By Craig Scott

31st Oct, 2021 | 12:10pm

Stan Collymore wants Leeds United to consider sacking Marcelo Bielsa

Stan Collymore wants Leeds United to consider sacking Marcelo Bielsa regardless of his side’s result at Norwich on Sunday.

Leeds dropped into the bottom three on Saturday and take on 20th-placed Norwich at Carrow Road in a bid to move themselves back out of the relegation zone.

In a bizarre rant about Bielsa, Collymore has taken swipes at the Leeds manager’s reputation, his salary, his training methods and has even suggested some fans are questioning the Argentine as well as threatening potential unrest among the squad.

“There seems to be this train of thought that Marcelo Bielsa is somehow unsackable at Leeds,” said Collymore in the print edition of the People [October 31, page 56].

“I just don’t get it. Just like I’ve never got the whole furore about the £8million-a-year genius head coach at Elland Road. Well, let me tell you, defeat at Norwich today and he’s very much sackable.

“I’d go further and say they should be seriously thinking of dispensing with his services regardless of today’s result.

“Norwich couldn’t win a raffle and seem to be trying to set a new lowest-ever points total. Leeds have recorded just one win in nine. I don’t think they will lose, but get prepared for the flak to fly if they do.

“There are Leeds fans starting to question the great one and defeat to the Premier League’s whipping boys would confirm what I’ve thought for a long time.

“Bielsa is a man with flaws. He might be hailed as a tactical genius but putting players through two or three training sessions a day isn’t clever, you end up with exhausted players.

“It only needs one player to start piping up and the dam is breached but, then again, they’re probably all too knackered and have gone off for a nap.”

Have a day off

Has Collymore ever had a good word to say about Bielsa?

The man is absolutely obsessed with aiming digs at the Argentine, who took Leeds to a ninth-placed finish in the Premier League last season.

When Bielsa took charge of the Whites, they were a mid-table Championship club with next to no hope of returning to the Premier League.

However, in two seasons and without making many changes to the squad in terms of transfers, Bielsa won promotion in two seasons and then took us to a top-half finish last season in the top-flight.

It’s absolutely ridiculous of Collymore to question Bielsa’s methods.

While we fans have our concerns, we have absolutely nothing against Bielsa and will never claim that he should be sacked.

Bielsa has had so many injuries to contend with this season but Collymore is acting as though we’re the only club that ever has injuries because of the manager’s training methods.

Injuries happen. And they are why we have struggled this season.

Collymore sounds so bitter in his rant about Bielsa. Maybe he’s just gutted that his beloved Aston Villa are struggling despite spending so much money in recent years.

In other Leeds United news, another Leeds star has been ruled out of the clash at Carrow Road.