By MOT Leeds News speaking to Paul Robinson

20th Nov, 2023 | 6:10pm

Sky Sports pundit claims 'players are selfish' in reaction to Leeds United double-exit risk in January transfer window

We’re delighted to welcome former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson as our exclusive columnist as each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Leeds United …

Paul Robinson doesn’t believe Leeds United are set to lose either of Crysencio Summerville or Willy Gnonto in the January transfer window.

The former Elland Road goalkeeper believes there’s “too good a thing” going on under Daniel Farke at Elland Road currently for either of the attacking stars to want out midseason, and has rejected the possibility that were one to go it might affect the other’s plans.

Gnonto, 19, and Summerville, 22, are friends off the pitch and it was suggested that an exit for one in the summer could have triggered a departure from the other, but Robinson says he has ever seen such a dynamic play out and doesn’t see any reason for the Whites to let either go.

The Sky Sports pundit exclusively told MOT Leeds News: “No, that doesn’t happen in dressing rooms. Players are selfish and look after themselves with regards to transfers. 

“If it works for you, just because you’ve got a mate in the team [doesn’t matter]. Friends at other teams that you’d like to go to could sway a decision on whether you move or not. But camaraderie in your own team, very rarely if ever, I’ve never seen it affect a player’s decision on whether he moves or not.

“Whether Summerville or Gnonto moves, I don’t think either of them will in January, in all honesty. I think there’s too good a thing going on at Leeds at the moment. There’s no financial pressure to sell any players. 

“We know that Willy wanted to move at the start of the season, didn’t get his move, manager’s kept him, and he looks as if he’s getting back to playing at a level where you’d expect him.

“He’s not moped around or sulked about not getting his move. He’s not sulked about not playing every week. Every times he comes on the pitch there’s the attitude and the application from both of them. 

“From the club’s point of view you’re only weakening the squad by selling either of them. 

“If you’ve got both of them who are applying themselves and playing in the right way I don’t think there’s a reason to sell either of them. 

“If one of them were to go for whatever reason I don’t think, in fact I know, it wouldn’t affect the other.”

With Gnonto having unsuccessfully done all he could to leave prior to the previous transfer deadline while Summerville instead went from strength to strength it would appear to very much support Robinson’s view that they have independent plans.

And with the Italian international having reportedly made amends ever since apologising to the manager for pushing to go he surely wouldn’t risk it again unless he had a sure-fire exit lined up.

Leeds United showed they would fight to keep hold of players where there wasn’t a release clause to undercut in the summer, and surely don’t want to weaken the squad, so there must be hope that the two young stars are going nowhere.

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