By Dan Carter

20th Nov, 2023 | 2:10pm

Simon Jordan slams Leeds United hopes of compensation over Everton live on talkSPORT

Simon Jordan has slammed hopes that Leeds United could win their compensation case, following Everton’s 10-point deduction.

The Toffees were given their penalty by an independent commission for breaking the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules during seasons in which they narrowly avoided relegation to the Championship.

A report emerged from the Daily Mail that Leeds alongside Burnley and Leicester City intend to sue Everton for £100million each, having been relegated during the period in which the Toffees broke the rules, but Jordan has slammed their hopes of winning the case.

Speaking on talkSPORT (20 November ) he said: “You’ve got three clubs, why are these the only three clubs that have been affected by Everton’s breach of financial fair play? There have been nine clubs affected by it, where does this £350million loss come from?

“Does it come from season one, does it come from season two? Where was this £20million spend overspent, on whom and where? Which particular circumstances did it affect and which particular team?

“I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a merit in it, I’m suggesting it is a very, very, very difficult argument to prove and that’s why I don’t see it being anything other than tabloid tales.”

When asked whether the three clubs had a case, he replied: “Not much of one. The only way the appeal matters is if Everton make an appeal and they got the point sanction removed, then there would be a situation where these three clubs wouldn’t even have a squeak.

“That’s not going to happen.”

Not much of a case

This particular case seems incredibly complex with plenty of moving parts determining when and where Everton actually broke the Premier League’s rules and that makes it rather tough to see how Leeds United and the other teams could win this case.

But there is an argument that the Whites may as well have a go with this case, they have very little to lose if they try and take legal action against the Premier League or Everton and should they be successful it would be a huge financial boost for Leeds.

It may not be an easy case to win, but the rewards should the Whites come out on top make it worth fighting for, especially considering that they are ultimately victims of Everton’s rule-breaking in the past as they were relegated last season.

Jordan may not believe that there is much of a case to be fought, but very few expected Everton to be deducted 10 points in the first place. The entirety of the Toffees breach has been a rollercoaster and you wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more bumps in the road.

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