By Daniel Feliciano

12th Apr, 2022 | 1:30pm

Simon Jordan rages at Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch after Marcelo Bielsa comments

Simon Jordan has blasted Leeds manager Jesse Marsch for his comments about Marcelo Bielsa’s methods, live on talkSPORT.

Marsch appeared on the Breakfast Show on April 12, where he said the reason for all the injuries this season was because the players were “overtrained” and struggling to recover.

While he didn’t name Bielsa, this seemingly put the blame entirely on the former boss’ methods and Jordan responded to his comments during his own show [April 12, 11:42] and was raging at the American because he’s ‘only been in the job five minutes’.

“He has his view on that and if he wants to air that view, and there will always be two sides to every single story, of course he’ll have cases in point because he’ll say ‘look at the injury list and this is the byproduct of it’,” he said.

“Of course he’ll have his observations and someone will come along when he departs and leaves that will have observations about what he has and hasn’t done.

“I don’t think he’s wise to have said what he said. I don’t think he’s necessary to have said what he said.

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“It’s an implicit and explicit criticism of Marcelo Bielsa. He has every right to do it, I just think he’ll be hoisted by his own petard at some point.

“I don’t think we need to give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s five minutes into the job. He ain’t pulling up that many trees.”


Jordan was never the biggest fan of Bielsa to begin with, so for him to defend him so vehemently was strange because it’s obvious Marsch was just being honest.

He turned up to the club with several big players injured and could see they were struggling with recovery because of the demands placed on them by the previous regime.

While he probably didn’t need to be so honest in a public forum about the issues the players were having behind the scenes, that is what we want from managers and players – transparency.

People can agree or disagree with his comments, but for some reason his time at the club has been brought in when it should be noted that he has done an excellent job so far and essentially kept them in the division.

Jordan was incredibly harsh on Marsch and now we’re likely to see less interviews and less openness from him in the future, which is a big shame.

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