Gjanni Alioski has suffered a backlash from Leeds United fans over the past 24 hours but talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan has come to his defence.

The North Macedonian has reportedly agreed a pre-contract deal with Galatasaray according to Football Insider and that has sparked fierce debate amongst the Whites fanbase.

Jordan weighed in on the conversation and aimed his criticism at a different target – the club itself.

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He defended Alioski’s decision and questioned why more of an effort was not made to keep the 29-year-old at the Elland Road beyond the current season.

Jordan said on talkSPORT’s White & Jordan show, “Everyone is making suppositions that there’s a queue of people, this player’s a multi-millionaire – I wouldn’t expect he’s a multi-millionaire because Leeds have been in the Championship.

“If Galatasary are coming in to offer this boy a two or three-year contract aren’t Leeds [responsible], if he’s a hero and so important to Leeds United, why are a Turkish club able to offer him a better opportunity than his current employers are offering him?

“Leeds United might want to look at themselves.”

In defence of Alioski

Jordan raises a very fair point.

Leeds’ reported offer of a one-year contract shows they do not regard Alioski as highly as Galatasary apparently do.

leeds united

The left-back deserves to move to a club that will appreciate him more – we only have ourselves to blame if we lose him.

And if Alioski feels like he’s not wanted, then he is free to join any club he likes.

Choosing the Turks is no doubt a blow for plenty of supporters but Alioski is putting himself and his family first – we have to accept that.

This could be his final payday and if he signs a deal with us and spends next season sitting on the bench he could lose his chance to earn the type of contract Galatasary are offering him.

Jordan is right to assert that he is probably not a millionaire and hopefully fans start to see the human reason behind this decision.

In other Leeds United news, the Whites are monitoring a 19-year-old from a top-six club who could be another Victor Orta gem.


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