By Jack Cunningham

30th Nov, 2021 | 5:10pm

Simon Jordan has a pop at Leeds United manager Bielsa over recent comments

Simon Jordan has called out Marcelo Bielsa for saying that his Leeds United players are tired.

Speaking on talkSPORT, the former Crystal Palace owner slammed the Argentine for his comments yesterday.

Bielsa claimed that the intensity in the Premier League has gone down this season because of the increased number of games [Leeds Live].

However, Jordan didn’t believe that at all and called him out.

He said: “I am a bit tired of these managers that get such enormous amounts of remuneration.

“We tend to hear here this when your team aren’t performing, and that’s where Leeds are at this moment in time.

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“Their expectation wasn’t to see Leeds kicking around the bottom four; the expectation this season was to see Leeds rocking on.

“We don’t hear a lot from him; we hear soundbites from MOTD or Sky Sports whenever he’s getting his translator to stand next to him because he doesn’t speak English.

“This speech and this narrative I find wearing.

“You just have to take it; you just have to get on with it and stop carping on about the situation when you’re not being successful.”

Brutal assessment of Bielsa.

In his press conference, the Whites manager didn’t just specifically say that Leeds were tired; he suggested that the whole league has lost some intensity.

However, that clearly upset Jordan, who tore into the Argentine and even seemed to make a dig about his communication.

Now, Jordan makes a good point about certain managers using tiredness as an excuse, but Bielsa didn’t use it as an excuse about Leeds.

If he had said that the Whites are tired, then fair enough, that would have to be classed as an excuse, but he didn’t.

Therefore, we are not so sure that this rant at Bielsa was warranted, and at times it comes across as a personal attack on the Leeds manager, which is beyond harsh.

Jordan is always outspoken, and he gets paid to speak his mind, but this might have been taking things too far in our view.

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