By Nick Ware

14th Oct, 2021 | 2:10pm

Simon Jordan cites Leeds United example as he slams PL clubs 'unsustainability' amid Southampton losses

Simon Jordan has criticised the unsustainability of some Premier League clubs, citing Leeds United as a historic example of how it can go wrong.

The ex-Crystal Palace chairman, sitting across the table from broadcaster Jim White on talkSPORT today [Thursday, 14/10/21], was speaking about Southampton amid their significant losses this year [The Athletic].

“A profit comes at the expense, to some extent, of football achievement and football achievement will come at the expense of profit,” Jordan said.

“Ultimately, what you will have is an unwinding situation where a football club is solely dependent on a guy that’s like Ellis Short [Sunderland], or Aston Villa they dropped out [of the Premier League], Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, whoever else we want to name, Leeds….bang, lack of profit ends you into a situation where, what do you get? You get a football club melting like a crisp bag in a microwave.”

White responded: “But Simon, the fact is, the supporters [will be saying] ‘we’ve won nothing in years, except we’re the model of sustainability.”

Jordan: “But you’re running the argument that, ultimately, [for] Southampton to compete with the division that they’re in they have to continue to lose money. This is the governance of football, it’s prepared to accept ‘we are prepared to allow you under football regulation to lose £105million every three years to remain sustainable under football governance’.”

Feet on the ground

Leeds’ issues that ultimately ensured their relegation to the second-tier in 2004 have been well-documented, and it took a long time for the club to find its feet again and return to the Premier League, eventually doing so in 2020.

Upon promotion to the top-tier last year, it’s fair to say Leeds splashed out in the transfer market, spending a reported £95.2million [Transfermarkt], and receiving nothing for players heading out of Elland Road.

They have adopted a more frugal approach this time around, however, spending a much more modest £53milllion, with nearly half of that total only coming on deadline day with the late purchase of Dan James from Manchester United.

There have been suggestions, from pundits and fans, that the Whites needed to spend more in order to maintain their position and improve, but it seems the club were not prepared to spend beyond their means, or are willing to wait until next season.

Despite an uncertain start, Leeds are not expected to find themselves in relegation trouble this season, and thus perhaps a more patient plan to get back into Europe has to be rewarded rather than splashing out on £40million-plus players.

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