By Nick Ware

15th Sep, 2021 | 6:10pm

Simon Jordan reacts to Harvey Elliott Wednesday message on Leeds United defender Pascal Struijk

Simon Jordan has criticised Harvey Elliott for denouncing the FA’s decision to uphold a three-game ban for Leeds United defender Pascal Struijk.

The former Crystal Palace chairman was complimentary of the Liverpool teenager for absolving Struijk of any blame for his injury on Tuesday.

However, a day later, he has told Elliott to back down.

“It’s not Harvey’s gift to be able to question the decisions of the authorities that make decisions based upon the very best intentions,” Jordan told talkSPORT [15/09/21].

Jim White hit back: “But he’s entitled to have his opinion.”

Jordan: “You have to have an establishment that upholds the rules of the game, so basically if you start with this little nugget of people being able to say what they want, then where does it go to? It goes to players refusing to honour their contracts, it ends up with players refusing to do this because it starts with little things like this.

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“Harvey, you’ve made your point, you’ve absolved him from the responsibility, the game’s authorities don’t choose to view it that way.

“You are not in a position to be judge, jury and executioner, you’re just a player, so we really don’t need you adding to the pile-on of people suggesting the game’s authorities are forever wrong.

“If you look at the game itself I think it’s out of control from the way that the players express themselves at times.”

White: “He’s given you his honest opinion. So it’s alright for a player to do that, but only when there’s a time and a place? This is the time, and this is the place.”

Jordan: “You can’t have the lunatics running the asylum.”

Players to pipe down?

Jordan is not one to hold back in his opinions, yet he seems to be insistent that players should be accepting of any decision that comes their way or, indeed, goes against their fellow professionals.

What’s so bad with Elliott expressing his disdain that Struijk has been severely punished for something he did not mean to do?

We don’t want players to be robots and keep their opinions to themselves all the time, yet it’s no wonder some do when they get castigated when they do speak their mind.

Elliott didn’t exactly say anything controversial anyway – he expressed an opinion shared by many.

As it is, Struijk will miss Leeds’ trip to Newcastle United on Friday, as well as subsequent fixtures with Fulham and West Ham.

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