Patrick Bamford has admitted he has become a wind-up merchant on purpose in a bid to give Leeds United the upper-hand on the pitch.

Bamford, 26, has been Leeds’ main striker this season and has attracted criticism for scoring only 13 Championship goals despite spearheading a team that creates more chances than any other in the league.

While he always wants to add more goals to his tally, Bamford has revealed that he has also started to try and wind-up opposing fans in order to give his side a psychological advantage.

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And it seems that the striker’s mother is not exactly a fan of it.

“I knew when I came to Leeds, I came to be the main number 9,” said Bamford, as quoted by the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“Last year, with injuries and Roofey playing well, it was like I didn’t get a full season under my belt and get to where I wanted to be.

“So this year I was like, you know what, I need to bring something else. Hopefully I’m scoring goals all the time, and hopefully I’m playing well, but there needs to be something else that gives me an edge that helps the team out. Even if it’s just ruffling the away fans.

“My mum hates it, she goes mad at me for it, but I say ‘look it’s on the pitch’. When I’m off it, I’m just normal, but on the pitch, I need to do anything that can get an edge against the opposition. I’ve actually started to enjoy it.”

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Bamford is one of those players who always gets a hard time from opposition supporters. Maybe it is down to the perception that he’s a ‘posh boy’ or the fact that he’s ruffled feathers in the past due to him being one of the Championship’s most prolific strikers in recent seasons.

But it seems he tries to get a hard time on purpose and as long as that is helping Leeds win matches then that’s fair enough and we hope he can continue to do it.

Bamford is hammered a lot for not scoring enough goals but he brings so much more to this team.

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