By Joe Roberts

22nd Oct, 2023 | 11:20am

Rory McIlroy decides on Leeds United investment offer

Golfer Rory McIlroy declined an offer from the 49ers Enterprised to invest in Leeds United.

As reported by BBC Sport (22 October), McIlroy was asked by fellow golfers and 49ers investors Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, but as a Manchester United fan, he opted to decline.

McIlroy, who as reported by Belfast Live (19 May) is the richest UK sportsperson under 35 with an estimated worth of £200million, recently joined Otro Capital, a group that invested in the Alpine Formula 1 team.

McIlroy said: “They asked me if I wanted to come on board and I was like, as a Man Utd fan, can’t go anywhere near that.”


While investment from a high-profile sportsman is becoming quite fashionable in football, few Leeds fans would want a Manchester United fan near the club.

While McIlroy wouldn’t actively ruin Leeds from the inside if he did invest in the club, it just wouldn’t sit right with much of the Elland Road faithful to have a fan of a huge rival having any influence at all.

The two-time PGA Championship winner has a huge supposed net worth which would certainly be welcomed at Elland Road, but the 49ers have done a good job so far running the club without any extra investment.

While Leeds and Manchester United are currently in different divisions, Leeds will likely face them in the Premier League soon, meaning McIlroy’s loyalties to the Red Devils would cause further issues.

At least McIlroy put his loyalties ahead of any potential money-making, even if his loyalties do lay with Manchester United, but he’d probably be rejected by a lot of the fanbase.

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