By Craig Scott

4th Apr, 2021 | 3:35pm

Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton disagree with Peter Walton over incident in Leeds win v Sheffield United

Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton clashed with ex-Premier League referee Peter Walton on Saturday over a controversial incident as Leeds United beat Sheffield United.

In the 31st minute, Tyler Roberts was wiped out by an out-of-control George Baldock, who injured himself as he took the Wales international out.

Savage and Sutton believe Baldock, who was later substituted off with a head injury, should have been sent off for the challenge but Walton wasn’t having any of it.

“I’ve got to say, I thought it was a red-card challenge. Oh wow. We’re just going to see the challenge here,” said Savage, who was watching the game on on Saturday on BT Sport Score.

Walton then offered his thoughts. He said: “It was a poor tackle. You can see [Baldock] slips into it and it sort of exaggerates that movement and it’s caught a cropper himself actually.

“I would think VAR would look at this on behalf of the referee Graham Scott because looking at it, it’s a touch more than reckless. But whether or not VAR will overturn an on-field decision remains to be seen. ”

When asked if he’d have given a red, Walton said: “No because the challenge itself, yes it’s high, but it’s exaggerated with his slipping movement and I think he actually just goes through there. I’d give the player the benefit of the doubt.”

When challenged on that claim by Sutton, Walton replied: “It’s the outcome of the challenge but in fairness and you’re an on-field ref, you see that and you see the slip and you do take that into consideration because that’s part of the equation when you look at the challenge itself.

“Slow-motion always exaggerates it so you should always be seeing this in real-time and coming to an adjudication yourself.”

Savage responded: “Well I think it’s a red card.”

Sutton agreed with Savage. He said: “I’m with Rob, I think it’s a red card. He’s out of control and I think it’s a dangerous challenge.”

Why do BT bother with Walton?

Has Walton ever disagreed with a decision made by a referee during a game?

Honestly, what is the point in having him on if he’s just going to happy clap every decision referees and the VAR make?

Walton claims that the fact Baldock slipped meant that it should not have been a yellow card but if a player slips, doesn’t that make him out of control and dangerous?

Anyway, after watching the incident back, it doesn’t seem as though Baldock slipped at all before he poleaxed Roberts and injured himself.

We’re glad that both players are fine and we don’t think Baldock meant anything malicious – it was just two players going for the ball but the one that lost out was overly aggressive in doing so.

He should have been sent off but the game is over and won now so there’s no point getting annoyed about it.

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