Micah Richards was blown away by the post-match interview of Leeds United forward Patrick Bamford on Monday evening after the draw with Liverpool.

The Whites attacker has been somewhat of a spokesperson for the club this season, and once again was praised for his words on the Super League and racism.

Richards has insisted that his interview was “incredible” and that he effortlessly brought light to something that appeared to have been swept under the carpet.

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Writing in his Daily Mail column on Friday evening, Richards sent his thanks to Bamford for standing up to racism in the modern game.

“The first place to start at the end of a week like no other is with a thank you to Patrick Bamford,” he said. “His words on Monday night were incredible.

“Bamford rightly received a lot of love for his sentiments. A simple view like that from a white person carries so much more weight than if I, for instance, had said it. He didn’t rant, he just said what he wanted and it was all done so effortlessly.”

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Bamford doesn’t say these things for the spotlight or the fame, he genuinely cares about the issues being raised, and he makes the perfect point yet again.

Where were all the governing bodies and lawyers when we started taking this stand against racism? Where were the owners speaking out against members of their clubs?

Instead, this continues to happen on a daily basis and it is shocking that players and people, in general, have to tolerate this sort of abuse online and in person.

Even if Bamford’s small gesture and words go a little way to kickstarting the initiative to end racism in the modern game, he will be remembered for his words.

The Super League was one thing, but racism is on another scale, and more has to be done to combat those who think it is fine to send these messages of abuse.

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